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Your smile is an important part of your identity, but cosmetic issues can keep you from sharing it with confidence. At Crown Dental Care, we offer effective, personalized cosmetic dentistry to El Cerrito patients looking to enhance their smiles. Our wide array of services and quality treatments allows us to address any cosmetic dental issue, no matter how it impacts your smile.

Our team will work with you to understand your concerns and goals and find the treatment that will produce dynamic and appealing results. From whitening stained enamel to transforming the shape of your teeth and gums, we have the solutions to achieve your smile goals. Schedule a free consultation with our skilled and friendly dental team to see how our cosmetic dentistry can help you!



We offer a variety of services to help you improve the aesthetic appeal of your teeth and smile. Whatever your situation, we work with you to deliver a tailored approach toward treatment to help ensure you get your desired results.

During your initial appointment, Dr. Farahmand will discuss what you'd like to change about your smile, as well as details about your oral health, lifestyle, and budget. With these things in mind, we can recommend services that will help you achieve your dream smile. Our skilled cosmetic services include:

Invisalign® Clear Braces: If alignment issues like crooked teeth, crowding, or gaps are impacting your smile, we offer Invisalign orthodontics to transform your smile. These aligners are great for addressing mild to moderate bite misalignments, helping you enjoy a smile that's both straighter and healthier.

Teeth Whitening: We offer teeth whitening as a simple, non-invasive dental treatment to restore the natural color of your tooth enamel. This treatment will eliminate stains left by years of smoking, dark foods and drinks, and poor or inconsistent oral hygiene. Our teeth whitening dentist offers two styles of bleaching services: in-office whitening with Philips Zoom and DayWhite and NiteWhite take-home kits with custom trays. We'll also provide custom trays when you select in-house whitening to help you protect and maintain your results at home.

Porcelain Veneers: Veneers are custom-made, extremely thin pieces of porcelain which are bonded in front of your teeth to transform their appearance. Porcelain veneers are an excellent option for covering a wide range of cosmetic issues, such as gaps in tooth spacing and severe staining. They're also effective at correcting wear and tear and damage like chipped teeth.

Tooth Bonding: An alternative to veneers is composite bonding, a quick cosmetic treatment that we can complete in a single office visit. We can shape tooth-colored composite resin over the surface of a tooth to transform its appearance. This treatment is easy to personalize, and the bonding can last for 5-7 years on average.

Composite Fillings: If your teeth are decayed, chipped, or cracked, composite fillings offer a reliable solution for repairing them. The process involves removing the affected enamel and then rebuilding the structure with a composite filling. The composite is tooth-colored and bonds to the surrounding enamel, creating a tight seal and protecting your tooth without impacting your smile's appeal.

Laser Gum Contouring: If you have a gummy smile, our practice offers laser gum contouring. Using a state-of-the-art diode laser, we can remove excess gum tissue to reveal more of your tooth enamel and create a more balanced smile.

Metal-Free Restorations: From fillings to crowns, bridges, and dentures, we can provide tooth-colored restorations designed to look and feel natural within your smile. If you prefer, we can also provide gold crowns.

Dental Implants: If you have missing teeth or you want to replace your dentures, we highly recommend dental implants. These artificial roots and teeth are surgically placed into your jawbone to provide excellent support and stability. More importantly, the teeth are natural-looking and allow you to smile with confidence.


Sometimes, a single treatment alone falls short of producing the smile enhancement you're looking for. That's why Dr. Farahmand provides custom full smile makeovers. This multi-faceted treatment combines two or more cosmetic treatments to deliver exceptional and dynamic transformations. For instance, we may use Invisalign to reposition teeth, veneers to alter their appearance, and teeth whitening to brighten the visible enamel.

To design your treatment, our dentist uses various tools like digital photos and wax-up models so you can see how your smile will change through the various stages of treatment. We plan out each step carefully over time to ensure we maintain the best approach for achieving your dream smile. Our team will work with you to stay within your budget. We can also provide payment plans through Lending Tree to make attaining your ideal smile more achievable.


Attaining the right results for every patient requires innovative solutions and technology. In our office, we use iTero® scanner to accurately diagnose a patient's situation before recommending a treatment approach or solution. We also use digital x-rays instead of traditional x-rays to generate quality and detailed images of your gums, jaws, and teeth. These solutions also help to improve patient comfort during treatment and the efficiency of our services.


At Crown Dental Care, we're proud to offer quality cosmetic dental services to improve teeth and restore smiles. Whether you want to a more sparkling smile or to completely transform your dental aesthetic, we'll work with you to find the most efficient, effective, and appealing treatment to achieve your goals. We have flexible payment plans and plan everything for you according to your budget. Make an appointment request to schedule your free cosmetic consultation!


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